Surgical oncology

Surgical oncology is the branch of medical procedure similar with oncology. As one of a couple of modalities in the management of harm, the discriminating strength of careful oncology, before the present day  the primary development , has advanced in steps like therapeutic oncology (pharmacotherapy for tumor), which ended up out of hematology, and radiation oncology, which ended up out of radiology. The Ewing Society is the Society of Surgical Oncology was started by masters spellbind by propelling the field of oncology. Complex General Surgical Oncology was supported by a specialty Board delegation in 2011 from the American Board of Surgery. The duplication of development spotlights will continue promoting the field, as will progressions in inapplicably prominent methodology, palliative medical procedure, and neo-adjuvant medicines.


  • Craniotomy surgery
  • Colectomy surgery
  • Cystectomy surgery
  • Nephrectomy surgery
  • Pneumonectomy surgery

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